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Damon is happy to see you here.

Welcome to damon_salvatore! This community is dedicated to that sexy bad boy vampire, Damon Salvatore. If you are fan, please do join and enjoy the community. Please read the rules :)

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1. Respect the character, Damon and actor, Ian. Any bashes towards them will lead to you being banned. I don't take this lightly so realize that now.

2. With the respect to Damon/Ian, respect the mods and members. Again, you will be banned.

3. You can post anything related to Damon and Ian.

4. When posting graphics, please provide a small preview (for icons up to 3) and link back to the post not the lj/community

5. If you would like to promote your community here, you need permission from one of the mods. Please leave a comment here and we will get back to you. If you don't leave a comment or don't add something like this posted with permission from..., your post will be rejected/deleted.

6. Please tag your post. List of tags are right here.

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